1. Malta is ideal
Malta is an island ideal for holidaymakers looking for the combination of good weather, adventure, culture and a great nightlife. In Malta, it is nice and warm almost all year. The hottest months are July / September. Typically there is a cool breeze

2. Malta is above and underwater a paradise
Malta is the island that is both a paradise above and below water. ‘Try a dive’ and you’ll spectacular colored corals, caves and encounter a huge variety of fish. The island is also surrounded by clear blue bays and inlets.

3. Merging of many cultures
Due to its central location, the island of Malta has always been a meeting point of different cultures, each in turn, have left their mark on Malta. The location is therefore crucial not only for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, but also for the delicious food, the unique sights and character of the local population. This makes Malta a beautiful and special island with several cities which include Mdina and Valletta.

4. Malta is actually an archipelago
The archipelago of Malta, which consists of Malta, Gozo, Comino and a number of uninhabited islands, the island of Malta is the most important. The rocky and rugged islands are all famous for its delicious seafood, the beautiful underwater world and diving opportunities, beautiful bays with sandy beaches and a friendly and jovial atmosphere.

5. A day trip to Gozo
By boat you can go to Gozo. Gozo is an island that exudes tranquility. It has a varied landscape of hills, valleys and villages where time seems to stand still. The coast has beautiful beaches. The water of the Mediterranean sea is clear and the underwater world make the island an ideal diving destination. The island radiates serenity and gentleness. In the picturesque fishing villages can be found plenty of entertainment in the form of cozy pubs and restaurants. The beautiful environment ensures that you can enjoy all day sun, but also the special culture of the island’s more than worth it!

6. Take a boat trip
There are various organized boat trips from the ports in the various fishing villages, which are very worthwhile. The coastline of the island is special to see and dive among the possibilities. You can make a trip to one of the other islands or even a day trip to the island not far from Sicily.

7. Many attractions
All over the island are several museums that are fun to visit. You get a good impression of the island over the centuries. Examples include the Gozo heritage, the folk museum and the prehistoric remains in Sannat. There are also find natural attractions which are very impressive, such as special stalactite.

8. Diving, dive and another dive!
A water sports activity that is highly recommended is scuba diving. The island belongs to the beautiful diving destinations in Europe. And for good reason. The coral reefs around the island and the beautiful clear blue sea make it dives into a real winner. Of course you can decide to pick up at one of the diving schools now finally get your certification, but also snorkel simply delivers beautiful pictures.

9. Take it nostalgic…
and take a horse and carriage ride. When you are looking for romance and Malta agree on seeing another way, it’s a great idea to take a ride by horse and carriage through the center of the old fishing village of Sliema.

10. Certainly not expensive
A week Malta is fine to pay. For about €400 guarantees a week of sun (water) fun and relaxation! Something to refuel again get away with.

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